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Content Marketing

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Companies need to stand out in an endless sea of content with relevant messages in order to be heard and stand out from the competition.

What makes companies stand out are unique messages that inspire people and lead them to the company. This content lies at the intersection between the company's expertise and the interests of the target groups. This applies in particular to products that require explanation and complex issues in the B2B sector. Content marketing finds or creates this content. Only then will it reach the target groups and actually sell.

in-house Marketing

KI & Kompagnons

The success of a company is closely linked to the strength of its marketing department. Building a strong in-house marketing department offers numerous advantages. 

Especially in times of digitalization and technological progress, the right use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a virtual team member is crucial. 

I support teams in developing this basis, asking the right questions and developing the right strategies. This is how a strong team becomes a great team.

50plus Marketing

Gang of Fifty

The ageing of society determines the economic development of companies today and in the future. It determines the content and quality of social coexistence. These massive shifts in the entire generational tectonics are forcing companies to think differently. 

The Gang of Fifty is an initiative to gather diverse knowledge about the 50-plus generation, provide targeted impetus and derive individual options for action. Because the future belongs to people with a past.

Ralf Löwe

Over the past 20 years, Ralf Löwe has worked as a strategist, consultant and concept developer for agencies and companies throughout the DACH region (e.g. Jung von Matt, Scholz & Friends, Grey Düsseldorf and Hamburg, Zum Goldenen Hirschen, LURE Berlin, McCann Vienna, evoq AG Zurich). He has worked for brands and companies from a wide range of industries, from global corporations to regional SMEs.


During this time, Ralf was also responsible for the development and expansion of business units and agencies, founded and managed an agency for nine years, gave workshops and seminars on strategic planning and creative concepts and was a lecturer at the IU International University of Applied Sciences for digital business models. As Managing Director, he most recently repositioned a mainstream agency into a specialist for content marketing, social media marketing and SEO/SEA. 


Since 2023 Ralf is working as an independent consultant in the areas of content marketing, setting up in-house marketing departments and 50plus marketing. He has traveled a lot, seen a lot, and now focuses on his experience and what really helps companies.


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